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Construction Consulting

Construction Consulting

How many renovation/building nightmare horror stories have you either heard about? Do you know how to protect yourself from becoming the next victim of unscrupulous contractors? Duffy Baker Construction Consulting Services can educate and prepare you for the biggest investment of your life. Turn a daunting and often scary process into a positive experience by having Duffy Baker Construction Consulting Services knowledgeable building consultant in Penticton and Kelowna, BC work with you. Having our building consultants in your corner is the ideal solution to help mitigate your fears.

Consulting Services

Whether you’re looking to renovate, add an addition or construct a new home, Duffy Baker Construction Consulting Services will assist and help guide you through the process from the initial concept to the permit application. The process begins with your free initial one-hour consultation. This first meeting will allow us to navigate you through all of the steps required for a successful project. Our Consulting services include:

  • Goals and vision for the client
  • Layout and building drawings for project
  • Consultation services with Professionals, such as Engineers
  • Permit application process
  • Breakdown of full scope of work required
  • Choosing the right Builder
  • Estimating, budgets, allowances and quotes
  • Awarding contracts to Builder
  • Explanation of cost-plus contracts or fixed-price contracts
  • Written change orders
  •  Full project specification take-off sheet

The scope of work for your project needs to be determined at the beginning of your project, during the design phase. This is a critical step that will allow Contractors the opportunity to bid on your project equally and properly. Hiring a Building Consultant at the start of your project, helps create a level playing field of specifications that you can bring to your selected Contractors for more accurate and objective pricing. With your free one-hour initial consultation with Duffy Baker Construction Consulting Services, we can help put your mind at ease before you even begin your next project.

Questions to ask your Builder

Here are but a few of the many questions you should be asking yourself and your builder before
renovating or constructing a new home:

  • Do you require drawings for your project?
  • Do you require permits for your project? If so, which permits are required?
  • How can I be assured I’m receiving the most competitive estimate or quote for the project?
  • Can you provide a fully documented scope of work sheet prior to the project?
  • What are the differences and advantages of a fixed-price contract vs. a cost-plus contract?
  • What does your contract comprise of?
  • How can I protect myself from changes to either the project’s scope of work or the products used?
  • How can I protect myself from cost overruns?

When deciding whether to build a new home or renovate your existing one, all homeowners deserve to gain the knowledge to assist them prior to making a decision about their biggest investment. You can rely upon Duffy Baker Construction Consulting Services to help you make educated decisions. Working with our trusted Consultant will help protect you during the entire building process. Contact Duffy Baker Construction Consulting Services to get started with your free one-hour initial consultation with our reputable Consultant.