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Vinyl Decking

Duffy Baker Construction Corp. only works with the best in the industry, and that is why we choose to purchase our vinyl decking from Tuff Industries Inc.

Econodek Vinyl Deck Flooring from Tuff Industries


Econodek™ is a tough, economical, waterproof vinyl deck flooring product, a membrane flooring made from PVC that’s easy to install on a variety of outdoor deck applications including patios and sundecks, rooftop decks, and balconies. This isn’t some cut-rate waterproof rubber coating that you simply paint onto your deck. Econodek vinyl deck flooring is a Tuff Signature Brand. It’s a waterproof decking option that’s engineered to completely waterproof your deck and provide years of maintenance-free use because the vinyl deck membrane is permanently adhered to your deck surface. This makes Econodek vinyl decking ideal for use on concrete slabs, rooftop decks, and even pool decks!


Econodek™ waterproof vinyl deck flooring products are designed and manufactured by Tuff Industries, a company with nearly three decades of deck waterproofing research and development, including lab and field testing.


With our trained and experienced vinyl decking installers, and a top of the line product, you can rest assured knowing that your deck will not only last many years to come, but look beautiful too!


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