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Why You Should Care About Your Homes Foundation

The foundation and framing is the structural skeleton of your home

A majority of people don’t really give much thought to their home’s structural skeleton.  But when you’re building a new home, even small errors made during the framing process can cause big headaches later on, problems that range from mild annoyances to major structural issues.

We really want to press the topic of QUALITY foundations and framing. We cannot express how important it is to hire an experienced, knowledgeable and insured framing company, with a proven track record for quality work.

We cannot say this enough….the foundation of your house is VITAL to the long term stability of your home.  Repairing a damaged foundation down the road is expensive, and if it starts out poorly built, it will not just get better, it will eventually fail.

A poor foundation may been seen down the road in ways such as:

  • leaning walls
  • floors sloping at an angle
  • cracks in the walls
  • water leaking into the basement
  • or visible bulges in your foundations (1/4″ or wider)

Because the quality of the footings and foundation are integral to the long-term viability of a structure, their design and build deserves and requires a great deal of attention and expertise.

Maybe we are a little biased here, but we believe framing is an art. Carpenters who are passionate about building, will take the time to cut and install every piece with accuracy and precision.  Framing is the skeleton of a house, and it provides the necessary support for everything that follows.  A good framing crew recognizes the consequences of not paying attention to the details.  For example, inadequately glued sub-flooring can cause your floors to squeak when walked on; a wall that’s not plumb, level and perfectly straight along its length, can mean wavy drywall and sticking doors. An out-of-square corner makes trim harder to fit and may prevent a wood floor from visually aligning the way it’s supposed to. A good framing crew will not take short cuts. 

A framing company should always be thinking ahead to all the work that comes after they are complete, and they should be ensuring that the framed structure will support a quality finished end product.  The knowledge and experience needed to make sure this happens is part of the value that a professional company brings to the table.

If you are in the process if hiring a framing company for your next build, remember that an experienced and knowledgeable company, who will do the job right, will have a proven track record of just that. Ask for references, take a look at their past work, see what suppliers/trades/engineers/contractors have to say about the company. Also, make sure the are licensed, insured and carry up-to-date WCB coverage.

With over 11 years experience, hundreds of builds under our belts, and strong recommendations and references in the forming and framing industry, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right, and provide full-service management during the foundation and framing stages of a build.

Contact us today to talk about your next foundation project


Written by K.H/ Feb 3, 2018
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